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502 - Galvanized frame / Aluminum blades - Rear flanged 8"-24" Maximum velocity 2000 FPM

The Model 502 is an ECONOMY rear flanged vertical mount automatic exhaust shutter. It is designed to allow horizontal airflow in one direction and to prevent reverse airflow while providing protection from environmental elements when the airflow stops. The blades open with airflow and close by gravity when the fan shuts down. Ideal for direct-drive or belt-driven exhaust fans. Do not use with vane axial or tube axial fans.

Standard Construction:
Frame: 2-1/4" deep x 1-1/2" flange x 20 gauge G-90 Galvanized Steel with integrated weather stripping for strength and weather protection.
Blades: 26 gauge 3105 Aluminum.
Seals: Felt on leading edge of blades for tight closure and quiet operation.
Tie Rod: Center mounted Galvanized Steel for uniform opening and closing.
Bushings: Nylon with 304 Stainless Steel pivot pins and rivets.
Construction: Tabbed and Tog-L-Loc corners.
Mounting holes: 9/32" x 1/2" slotted.
Finish: Mill

Minimum: 8" W x 8" H
Maximum: 24" W x 24" H

Performance Criteria:
2000 FPM Maximum Velocity.
1" wg Maximum Pressure.
180 degree Maximum Temperature.

Gusset plate attached to the back of the shutter.
Stainless Steel bushings.
Custom sizes available in whole inch increments.

We recommend mounting the shutter at least 1/3 the fan diameter away from the fan blade.


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